Digital Segments Targeting Millennials

October 13, 2017

Since Millennials are a diverse group, finding those with the potential interest in and financial capacity to pay for your products, services, and solutions is key. 

This is where Digital Targeting Segments for Millennials can help.  These segments enable marketers to enhance their online efforts by targeting Millennials that are likely to have the desired attributes and propensity for their products and services – such as Millennials with high assets or income, who are in market for an auto lease, who are likely to respond to a credit card offer, and much more.

Digital Targeting Segments for Millennials are powered by direct-measured, anonymous financial data and our consumer segmentation system.  This combination enables marketers to use the segments to better serve online ads and tailored messages to those Millennials that are likely to have both the interest in and the capacity to pay for their products and services.

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