Offer members under financial stress quick access to emergency loans

In this use case, a Credit union turns to Equifax to help it quickly update Prescreen in order to provide members with access to extended credit in response to Coronavirus pandemic.


A credit union wants to offer support to its members during the pandemic.

The firm had previously applied Equifax Prescreen to target members for an unsecured signature loan campaign and wants to retarget this list with updated messaging promoting access to credit for members that may be under financial stress.


Equifax rapidly works with the credit union to simplify the Prescreen criteria from its prior campaign to match several new loan amount offers and delivers the updated Prescreen list results.

The firm can now quickly deliver its emergency loan offers to members.


By working with Equifax to update and apply Prescreen criteria, the credit union is able to:

  • Offer support to members while managing risk
  • Target members with the desired credit profile that may be in need of emergency funds via either direct mail or email
  • Leverage and simplify prior Prescreen criteria for the new effort

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

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