Telstra Optimized Digital Marketing Spend with Custom Media Attribution

Telstra, a leading telecommunications and information services company located in Australia provides 16 million mobile services, 7.5 million fixed voice services and 3 million retail fixed broad band services.

Equifax worked with Telstra* to deliver custom, multi-touch attribution modeling return on marketing investment in order to optimize future media spend.

Read more to find out howUnified Marketing Measurement and actions taken on the resulting insights helped the Telstra Digital Marketing Team:

          ■ Secure a 25% increase in budget
          ■ Turn that into a 65% increase in sales
          ■ And gain an 87% increase in gross revenue

For more information on Multi-touch Attribution from Equifax, please contact us.

*2014 Datalicious Case Study. Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

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