How Holistic Marketing Measurement Drives Business Success: On-demand Webinar

Marketers must shift their marketing measurement strategy from simply reviewing post-campaign reports to actively analyzing results to guide the future. A unified measurement approach provides a complete view of channel performance, an understanding of how customers move across different touchpoints, and an ability to identify optimization opportunities. Armed with more complete performance insights, firms can make smarter investments that will ultimately drive incremental revenue and overall business growth. 

To explore unified measurement, Equifax commissioned a thought leadership paper with Forrester. In this webinar, Equifax and Forrester share their research findings, including:

  • Shining light on valuable touchpoints in a chaotic customer journey
  • Incorporating online and offline data for a more coherent view of conversion
  • Optimizing re-allocation of budget to upper funnel touchpoints with greater ROI

View this on-demand webinar now!


Also, download your copy of the Forrester thought-leadership paper: Leader of the Pack: How Holistic Marketing Measurement Drives Business Success  

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