High and Low Spenders Across the Nation


Does your state have high spenders or low spenders? Take a look at the table below to see which states have the highest concentration of households for the top tier of average estimated discretionary spending ($100K+)… and which states have the highest concentration of the lowest tier of estimated discretionary spending ($0-$10K). Did you notice that Washington D.C. falls into both categories? Contact us to learn how to reach households by their estimated discretionary spending in your target markets via digital channels, email and direct mail.

Source: DS$TM June 2017.  Discretionary spending represents what a household likely spends on discretionary items after accounting for the fixed expenses of life (e.g., rent, utilities, public transportation, personal insurance, etc.).

Small Towns with High Spending
Which small towns have the highest median estimated discretionary spending? Which small towns have seen the largest percent growth in median estimated discretionary spending in the past three years?

Small Towns with Highest Median Estimated Discretionary Spending

  • Summit Park, UT: $69,610
  • Los Alamos, NM: $58,364
  • Steamboat Springs, CO: $50,092

Small Towns with Highest 3 Year Percent Growth in Median Estimated Discretionary Spending

  • Eagle Pass, TX: 47.2% to $25,551
  • Portales, NM: 44.5% to $26,324
  • Pecos, TX: 41.8% to $29,935

Source: DS$TM, June 2017, CBSAs with between 10,000 and 50,000 people.

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