Acquiring Credit Card Customers and Balances


The competition for new credit card customers remains fierce, and many customers have balances spread across multiple cards. How can credit card providers enhance their acquisition efforts and better reach customers likely to transfer balances? Let’s take a look at the profile of two credit card segments that digital marketers can target in their online campaigns to grow cardholders and balances.

Source: CreditStyles® Pro, Digital Targeting Segments, DS$TMIncome360®, WealthComplete®, June 2017.

Where to Reach Select Credit Card Segments
Where can card providers most likely reach consumers that are likely to respond to credit card offers or be interested in transferring balances? To reach these and dozens of other consumer segments online, check out our Digital Targeting Segments.

Top Counties: Likely to Respond to Credit Card Offer

  • Manassas Park City, VA
  • Paulding County, GA
  • Henry County, GA

Top Counties: Card Balance Transfer Candidate

  • Presidio County, TX
  • La Paz County, AZ
  • Trinity County, CA

Source: Digital Targeting Segments, June 2017.

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