Baby Boomers – Where are They?

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Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) represent about 37.5% of all households. However, there are some areas where the concentration of Boomer households is significantly higher than the average – areas where over 58% of the population are Boomers. If you are looking to market to Boomers – and capture their estimated $320,000 in average assets per household – then check out the below cities which have either high concentrations or high numbers of Boomers.

Did You Know? Baby Boomers - Where are They?

Source: WealthComplete®, CBSAs with Over 50,000 Households

Standout Markets for Baby Boomer Assets
The average Baby Boomer household has about $320,000 in invested assets, but there are some geographies in which many Boomer households hold much more. Be sure to include these high-asset Boomer markets in your marketing efforts.

Markets with the Highest Boomer Assets

  • Jackson, WY: $1,438,000
  • Bridgeport-Stamford, CT: $1,294,000
  • Naples-Marco Island, FL: $1,208,000
  • San Jose, CA: $1,054,000
  • Hood River, OR: $928,000

Source: WealthComplete®

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