Customer acquisition – new assets

Increase new client assets by targeting the right audience

A leading investment firm struggled to bring in significant new assets from its direct mail acquisition campaigns


A firm realized that in order to break even, its acquisition campaigns needed to convert a large number of higher wealth clients

The firm’s existing demographics-based acquisition models could not effectively identify which prospects had available assets to invest.

The firm wanted to determine if enhancing its new customer acquisition models with insights about consumers’ financial potential would improve its direct mail acquisition results.


Firm can use wealth classification systems to target high potential prospects

We worked with the investment firm to prove that targeting prospects with higher levels of investable assets optimizes acquisition campaign performance

By estimating the assets of all U.S. households:

  • Our wealth solutions show that approximately 22% of all U.S. households hold about 90% of all U.S. invested assets

  • These 22% of households generally have above $100,000 in investable assets and are often the target audience for investment firms’ prospecting campaigns

RESULTS: Target top wealth tiers to increase opening balance by 32% and gain $156 million in incremental AUM

By targeting only those households that likely hold OVER $100,000 IN INVESTED ASSETS, the firm can:

INCREASE the average opening balance to $64,269 from $48,753, representing a 32% lift

Expect to GAIN an incremental $156 million in AUM per 1 million direct mail pieces

IDENTIFY high potential new accounts and assign them to appropriate treatment groups

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.
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