Digital Targeting Segments for Business to Business

As the shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing continues, the ability to optimize digital marketing spend and maximize your ROI is imperative. This is especially critical in the B2B space where one sale can be worth millions of dollars. Equifax has carefully categorized its 41M+ of US Business Records into more than 200 Business to Business Digital Targeting Segments allowing B2B marketers to better reach their target audience.

  • Reduce wasted ad spend by ensuring more digital ads are served to businesses with the attributes you seek
  • Target small businesses online more effectively by their attributes such as size, age and industry
  • Grow corporate relationships better by targeting business prospects via online channels based on specific likely attributes – such as industry, job role, company age and size, sales, and other options.

Business to Business Digital Targeting Segments allow B2B marketers to better tailor online ads, messages, and landing pages toward businesses that are likely to be a good fit for their products and services. 

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