Household Deposits: Which States Outshine the Rest?

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Last month, we looked at states that have high average total household assets. This month, we dive into deposits. The average U.S. household allocates approximately 25% of their portfolio toward deposits across interest checking, non-interest checking, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), savings, money market accounts, and other cash equivalents.

But households in some states sock away much more of their assets in the bank. Which states have the highest percent allocation toward deposits? Which states have seen the highest percent growth in deposits in the past three years? Let’s take a look. Then, contact us to better assess deposit growth for households in your target markets and where you may have additional opportunity for growth.

Did You Know: Which States Outshine the Rest?

Source: MarketMix™

State-Level Outstanding Bank Card Balances

Which states have households with the highest average outstanding bank card balances?

States with the highest outstanding bank card balance per household (compared to U.S. average of $6,414)

  • Alaska $8,792
  • New Jersey $8,474
  • Hawaii $8,284

Source: CreditStyles® Pro

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