Pay-for-Performance Marketing Programs

Pay-for-Performance Marketing Programs

Accelerate growth and profitability 

Equifax has teamed up with The Kessler Group (KG) to offer a full suite of marketing and funding solutions that will enable companies to achieve their growth goals by generating new customer accounts on a pay-for-performance basis.

Client benefits

•Accelerate growth
•Power new marketing channels and acquire incremental accounts
•Transfer response rate and program risk to KG
•Spread account acquisition costs over time to better align revenues with expenses

How it works

Option AKG performs the marketing:
•Marketing functions selected at client’s discretion:
–Strategy development and execution of direct mail and digital campaigns
–Creative design and development
–Customer and prospect targeting using Equifax data
–Campaign funding at a guaranteed CPA
•Current offer and account acceptance criteria are maintained
Option B Client performs the marketing:
•KG augments the client’s normal marketing processes:
–KG “plugs in” to fund the marketing expenses (data, kit costs, postage, data, etc.)
–Parties agree on a campaign forecast and appropriate account origination payment (CPA)
–KG delivers strategic marketing advice to improve results and reduce costs 
Pay-for-Performance Marketing Programs can be deployed across many products and industries where acquisition costs are high and products have a known average customer life. Under either construct, the client only pays for newly originated accounts. ·


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