Portland vs. Raleigh

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How does the financial profile for households in Portland differ from those in Raleigh?

Interestingly, households in Raleigh had an above average increase in assets from 2013 to 2014, but one of the lowest regional increases in income, while Portland had about average increase in assets with one of the higher increases in income.

Portland vs Raleigh

Source: WealthComplete®, Income360®, CreditStyles Pro®, December 2014
Mortgage Delinquency = Average Number of Mortgages 60+ Days Past Due per 1000 HHs
*Symbol & percent indicate change in value between December 2013 and December 2014

Which City Spends More?

Portland households spent an average of $50,836 on discretionary expenses in 2014, while households in Raleigh spent an average of $55,137.

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