State-Level Median Household Income

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The median estimated income for all U.S. households in 2017 was $77,337. This was a 6% ($4,308) increase over the median household income in 2014. How does the median household income in your state compare? Check the map below.

Households in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states were the most likely to exceed the U.S. median, with median income over $90,000. West Virginia and Mississippi households fell into the lowest median income tier ($50,000-$60,000).

Did You Know: State-Level Median Household Income

Source: Income360® June 2017. Estimated household income includes income from salaries and income from assets. Median household income represents the middle figure when the incomes of all households in a geography are ranked.

States with Increasing Income 
Which states gained the most in terms of median household income between 2014 and 2017?

Highest Percent and Dollar Growth in Median Household Income in Past 3 Years

  1. Connecticut 27% $21,484
  2. Rhode Island 21% $17,224
  3. Delaware 16% $13,826

Source: Income360® June 2014 – June 2017. Check out our Income Digital Targeting Segments.

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