Transform Restaurant Marketing by Leveraging Transactional Data

Lyra Hankins

Transform Restaurant Marketing by Leveraging Transactional Data

Too few restaurants leverage their vast wealth of transactional point of sale (POS) data to better understand their customers beyond their dining experience. Even fewer use it to understand their guests’ likely ability to spend on dining. Instead, many prefer to rely upon information from a few hundred survey responses or their loyalty club membership to guide expensive and important decisions regarding advertising, marketing strategy and real estate development.

Do you face challenges in these areas?

Guest Insights
Knowing more about guests is difficult when they share so little about themselves during a visit. While a loyalty program starts to bridge that gap, it likely focuses only on a particular subset of consumers who enjoy an incentive and may not be typical of all your guests. Wouldn’t it be better to have more useful information about your guests?

Omni-channel Marketing
Relevance across more channels has never been more important. The diverse array of places in which a guest can see or interact with your brand has never been greater. Delivering a consistent message across all channels, which speaks to each guest’s relationship with you, is key.

Real Estate
It is often a challenge for a restaurant to know with any degree of accuracy or scale the extent to which local households will travel for dining experiences, and yet choosing the best site can be a multi-million dollar decision.

TokenIntel, from Equifax, can help reveal new insights
Now there is a new way to consolidate information gathered from all transactions with economic measures such as guests’ estimated income, likelihood to spend on dining, and home location – three of the most critical factors in households’ ability to dine with you regularly. With these insights, restaurant marketers can immediately take action to help identify their best guests and market to them through multiple channels, as well as compare sites and assess new locations. A huge advantage is that no personally identifiable information (PII) need be shared or is even required.

Restaurants can gain a broader understanding of their guests’ estimated financial profiles, attitudes, and demographics, and they can transform their data for use in omni-channel marketing. In addition, by using new insights on guests’ household locations, they can make more informed decisions about market potential for new site locations.

With TokenIntel, restaurants can better place the guest at the center of their decision-making, identify new opportunities and insights about their customers, and help deliver relevant and timely communications to keep your brand top-of-mind.

For more information view our Resources for Restaurant Marketers or Learn More about TokenIntel

Find out more about Digital Targeting Segments from Equifax – which enable marketers to better deliver the right message to the desired target audience online based on consumers’ likely interests and economic profiles.

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